Go Green Bike Tour

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Hosted by Dr. Jeff Polzin and Trisha Wagner, join us on a ten mile loop starting and ending at the Lunda Memorial Arena.

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GreenLifeXpo volunteers gathered at the BRA Chamber of Commerce to stuff over 300 envelopes with exhibitor letters and registration forms to join 2015 GreenLifeXpo event 9/12

Pictured: Corky Laufenberg Pat Gearing, Wanda Liptow, Monica Lobenstein, Inez Rodriguez & Stormie Brown (High School Interns)

Check Presentations:

 Left to right: Dennis Eberhardt, Chairman Jackson County Board; Grady Gutknecht, GLX Member; Linda Heller, GLX Chairman; Kyle Deno, JC Clerk; Ron Blado, Customer Service Jackson Electric Coop.

Left to right: Sandy Rosenberg; Lind Heller; Julie Babcock, BRF Municipal Utilities Office Manager; and Monica Lobnstien

Left to right: Walmart manager, Shawn Hasburgh; Sandy Rosenberg; BRA Chamber of Commerce Director, Chris Hardie; and Linda Heller


Registration now Open!

Registration for exhibitors is now open for this years GreenLifeXpo!

Exhibit Letter Stuffing Party:
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